Education in Crisis; how and why we must put an end to academisation

Mired in corruption and cronyism and failing to meet the needs of our children in schools, we must put an end to academisation – the privatisation and marketisation of our education service.

Come and join parents, teachers, school staff, community campaigners and academics to discuss how we can do this. There have been numerous successful campaigns against academisation over the last year and report after report has shown the failure of this government policy.

We need a huge public debate about the future of education including aims, funding, structures and standards. We need a pedagogy and curriculum fit for a diverse 21st century society. But above all, we need to build a National Education Service together where all our schools are under local democratic control.

This will also be the AGM of the Anti Academies Alliance, where we will elect our officers and steering committee for the year ahead. Nominations for these roles will be very welcome!

Sat 13 October 2018

The Priory Rooms Meeting & Conference Centre, 40 Bull Street, Birmingham, B4 6AF

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The tragedy of state education in England: Reluctance, compromise and muddle— a system in disarray

We don’t have an education ‘system’, we have a serious problem. And if this doesn’t convince us all of the need for a National Education Service, it’s hard to think what will.

Posted with the permission of Professor Stephen Ball.

A long read, but it repays every minute of reading.

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Staffing crisis continues at REAch2’s Copperfield Academy, in Northfleet, as 10 leave

A total of ten members of staff have resigned from a beleaguered primary school which has parted ways with its fifth head teacher in five years.

Copperfield Academy, in Northfleet, which is run by the country’s biggest trust REAch2, has now bid farewell to more than 80 staff in that period.

At its last Ofsted inspection in September 2016 the Dover Road East school was rated as requiring improvement and had 527 pupils, 47 above capacity.

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English schools are broken. Only radical action will fix them

By Melissa Benn

Even for the sceptical, the suddenness and speed with which the academy schools project has fallen from public grace is remarkable. After years of uncritical acceptance of official claims that academies, and free schools, offer a near cast-iron guarantee of a better-quality education, particularly for poorer pupils, there is now widespread recognition of the drear reality: inadequate multi-academy trusts failing thousands of pupils, parents increasingly shut out of their children’s education, and academy executive heads creaming off excessive salaries – in some cases almost three times higher than the prime minister – from a system perilously squeezed of funds.

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Pupils ‘over aided’ in SATs exam by Harris Academy

We have been sent this by someone connected with Harris Academy Philip Lane (formerly known as Downhills) which became an academy because SATs were not good enough. Looks from this letter sent to parents, that Harris did improve results… by cheating!

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