is david ross the right person to run ofsted final
5 Jul 2014

David Ross has been named as a favourite for the role of Chair of Ofsted. His education trust runs 25 academies. 6 are in Special Measures, 7 require improvement. He has donated £200,000 to the Tory Party.

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academies infogram 380
9 Jun 2014

As Michael Gove and the DfE continue to hand our schools over to private sponsors as academies, or allow ‘free’ schools to be opened by an assortment of individuals and organisations, it is worth taking a quick look at just how many of these people are closely associated with the Conservative Party or Gove.

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AAA general briefing cartoon
10 Apr 2014

As you will see, the alarming failure rate in academies has left the credibility of the programme in tatters, yet it goes on like a zombie risen from the dead.

free schools cartoon
9 Apr 2014

Gove’s free school flagships are springing leaks at an alarming rate. Despite mounting criticism about the expense of the programme, a new free school costing £45m was revealed.


23 Oct 2013

By Stephen J Ball FBA AcSS
Karl Mannheim Professor of Sociology of Education
The history of English education is very much a history of social class. The 1944 Education Act, the wartime government’s response to the great evil of ignorance, did little to interrupt that history. Rather it brought about a very modest loosening of the relationship between social class and educational opportunity. This was partly in relation to the raising of the school leaving age and partly by allowing some working class students access to grammar schooling via the 11+ examination system


academies radio
18 Sep 2013

An Academic Debate?
Long Form News/Factual Winner 
An investigation into how the cost of the government’s academy schools programme went from nominal to astronomical and an assessment …

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24 Jun 2013

The NUT is helping organise a parents’ forum meeting in London on Sunday 30th June. The meeting will be attended and led by parents. It …

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2 May 2013

Despite improving children’s performance by significantly more than the national average, Gladstone Park Primary School in Dollis Hill, North-West London was rated “inadequate” by an Ofsted inspection in November 2012. This was based on progress in Years 3 to 5 being classed as too slow. However, results for the Autumn and Spring 2012/13 Terms now show that progress across Key Stage 2 year groups (Years 3 to 6) is well above expectations.

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20 Apr 2013

In 2010 the newly elected coalition government rushed through a law to allow the Secretary of State to force schools to become academies. So what is wrong with forced academies?


20 Apr 2013

There is huge political pressure for schools to convert. Government is using a ‘carrot and stick’ approach. Over half of secondary schools have chosen academy status, but only about 6% of primaries have done so.


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